AT5030Y HD x-ray scanner
AT5030Y High Definition X-ray Scanner for Needle Detector is a brand new product of Safeway System to detect metal foreign matters, non-metallic foreign matters with high density, product missing and damaged packaging.
It is widely used in footwear, toys, clothing, shells, pearls, bulk materials and other industries including food and medicine.

Tunnel size                      500mm (width) * 301mm (height)

Conveyor speed              0.221m/s adjustable

Maximum load capacity  5kg

Detection sensitivity        Metal ball Φ 0.4mm

                                        Wire Φ 0.2 × 2mm

                                         Glass ball Φ 1.0mm

                                        Ceramic ball Φ 1.0 mm

icon_pdf.gifData sheet of Safeway System AT5030Y Food x-ray scanner.pdf

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