AT300EX 18 zones metal detection with temperature measurement
Brand new product, 18 zone metal detector with
temperature measurement

Walk Through Metal Detector with temperature measurement combines metal detection with human body thermo detection. Before people walk through the gate, it measures the temperature of the forehead, wrist or other body surface and alarm when over the set temperature value to indicate the high body temperature for further inspection; and it detects metal when people walk through.

It can be used in schools, hospitals, shopping malls, prisons, courts, enterprises, government agencies, stations, ports, exhibition halls, conference centers, concerts and other important places. It can control the entry of people with physical fever into public places and prevent the outbreak of infectious diseases, and prevent knife, weapen, and other contraband from entering into the important public area.

Temperature   measurement areaForehead or wrist or other body   surface
Temperature   measurement distance5-30cm
Temperature   measurement accuracy≤0.5℃
Metal   detection zone18 localization zones to   precisely identify multiple target locations,6 from head to toe, 3 from left   to right 
Metal   detection sensitivityCan detect a clip or 1/2 cutter   blade
Minimum   height of metal detection20mm

- Sound and light, 3 LED light   bars on back and front of the door frame

- Multi zones alarm when detected

- 9 sounds and 8 volume levels for selection