AT330 Access control panel, Face + Temp
Brand new product to recognize face and measure body temperature
A tool to avoid the outbreak of infectious disease, like Coronavirus

AT330 Intelligent  Access Control Tablet integrates the intelligent face recognition and  card reader access control attendance system with high precision Melexis  infrared thermal sensor to realize non-contact body temperature  measurement and recording.

It  is widely used independently or with turnstile, door, gate in office,  factory, school, hotel, shopping mall, and other public area to avoid  non-permitted people or people in fever entering public places and  prevent the outbreak of infectious diseases.

o    Camera                            Binocular camera, support live detection

o     Pixels                              2 million pixels, 1920*1080

o    Minimum illuminance       Color 0.01Lux @F1.2(ICR);W/B 0.001Lux @F1.2

o    SNR                                 ≥50db(AGC OFF)

o    Wide dynamic range        ≥80db

o    Temperature range          28-45℃

o    Temperature accuracy    ±0.5℃

o    Detection distance           0.5m

o    Response time                 300ms

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Data sheet of Safeway System AT330 Inteligent face recognition with temperature.pdf