AT6600 All-in-One Detector
Safeway System AT6600 All-in-One Intelligent Dangerous Goods Detector is a professional detection instrument based on ion migration spectroscopy technology, gas infrared sensing technology and radiation detection technology. It can detect trace amounts of explosives, drugs, poisonous gas and radioactivity. Substances are detected and analyzed in real time and quickly.

Analysis time:                       Within 15s

Detectable drugs:                 Common products such as cocaine, heroin, marijuana, meth

Detectable explosives:          TNT, RDX, Tai'an, nitroglycerin, ammonium nitrate and other common explosives

Detectable chemical warfare agents:      Tabun (GA), Sarin (GB), etc.

Detectable industrial toxic gases:            hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, etc.

Detectable radiation types:   X-ray, γ-ray

Working environment:         -20℃~50℃

Relative humidity:                  ≤99%

Physical dimension:              292mm(L)×171 mm(W)×136 mm(H)

Weight:                                 ≤3.5kg

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