HD300A portable ETD

Upgrade portable ETD

HD300A is a brand new product, portable explosives and narcotics trace detector, ETD, featured with small size, big touch screen, light weight, and a built-in printer.

TechnologyIon Mobility Spectrometry, IMS
Explosives identify  Trinotrototuol(TNT),   Hexogen(RDX), Pentaerythritol tetranitrate(PETN), Nitroglycerine(NG),   Ammonium nitrate(AN), Black Powder, Dinitrotoluene(DNT), Tetryl,   Octogen(HMX), Nitroxanthic acid, Gena, C4, Semtex explosive, TATP, HMTD,   Nitroguanidine, HNS, Dinitroglycol, EGDN, DEGND, TNR, MNT, DMNB, PYX, TATB,   Dinitrotoluen, etc
Nacotics indentifyCocaine hydrochloride, Heroin   hydrochloride, THC, Methamphetamine, Ketamine hydrochloride, Morphine   hydrochloride, Dolantin, Ecstasy(MDA), Papaverine, Ecstasy(MDMA), Methyl   ephedrine, Methcathinone, Synthetic ephedrine(K2), Shake foot pill(LSD),   Triazolam, Pentachlorophenol, Amphetamines (Ben Bingan), Fentanyl, Phenyl   piperidine (PCP), Diazepam, Cathinone, MDEA, DHE, etc.
DatabasesOpen to user. User can add new type explosives or narcotics
Sampling  Wipe sampling of particles and   air inlet sampling of vapours with sample cloth stripe
Alarm Sound and light 
Detection limit 50pg cocaine; 50pg TNT
Analysis time≤ 10 seconds
Self-cleaning≤ 10 seconds
Warm-up time < 15 minutes
Detection rate≥ 99%
False alarm rate ≤ 1% 
Display  5.6 inch TFT color touch screen

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