The AT100100B is an specially designed x-ray inspection system with a tunnel opening of 100 cm x 803 cm. It is used widely for screening large baggage and parcels at all security sites, including airports and customs locations.

Conveyor   Speed0.22   m/s forward or backward
Conveyor height299.5 mm
Conveyor capacity200 kg

304   stainless steel, 2-5 mm cold rolled plate and square steel, double-layer   staggered lead impregnated safety curtain
Frame design

X ray dose/inspection≤4μSv
X ray leakage ≤1μSv/h at any point 5 cm outside   the external surface. FDA standard is ≤5μSv/h

Steel penetration34 mm guaranteed
Wire ResolutionAWG38 guaranteed
Penetration ResolutionAWG32 guaranteed
Spatial resolution:1.3mm Horizontal, 1.3mm   Vertical
Power Consumptionmax. 1KW

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Data sheet Safeway System AT10080B X-ray baggage scanner.pdf

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