AT6550D - dual view baggage scanner
The AT6550D is a popular x-ray inspection system with a tunnel opening of 660 cm x 501 cm. With the dual view technology, it shows clear images of both vertical and horizontal angles. It is used widely for screening hand baggage and parcels at all security sites, including airports and customs locations.
Conveyor   Speed0.22 m/s forward or   backward
Conveyor height669 mm
Conveyor capacity150 kg
Frame design304   stainless steel, 2-5 mm cold rolled plate and square steel, double-layer   staggered lead impregnated safety curtain
X ray dose/inspection≤4.8μSv
X ray leakage ≤1μSv/h at any point 5 cm outside   the external surface. FDA standard is ≤5μSv/h
Steel penetration34 mm guaranteed
Wire ResolutionHorizontal AWG38 / Vertical AWG36 guaranteed
Penetration ResolutionAWG32 guaranteed
Spatial resolution:Horizontal view: 1.3mm   Horizontal / Vertical

Upward view: 1.0mm   Horizontal / Vertical
Power Consumptionmax. 1KW

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Data sheet of Safeway System AT6550D X-ray baggage scanner.pdf

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